GMT Equipment

We would like to invite you to celebrate with us our 25th anniversary at Saturday July 1, 2023. You are welcome from 10am to 4pm.

In addition to a tour of and around our new work site, you can visit us for:

  • Deeper insights into the design and operation of the GMT felling head
  • Demonstrations in adjusting the felling head for your machine
  • Presentation of all conceivable vehicles with a GMT felling head
  • Demonstrations with Magni telescopic handler and the GMT felling head with TTC system
  • Personal advice in the application you have in mind

Every single company visiting us will receive one GMT anniversary package, including GMT merchandise, various vouchers as well as a ticket for the anniversary lottery which has a complete GMT C10 quick coupler set and extra swivel hook plate with a value of €1,850 as the grand prize. Food and drinks will of course be provided.